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We have been versatile in executing works for various retail industries with customized in-store props, Window displays, Brandings, Promotional set ups, Trade shows & presentations with our own in-house facility to work on Wood, Metal, Sheet Metals, Fabrication, Powder Coating, DucoPainting, Acrylic cutting, Wood Router, Screen Printing, ESAV Printing, MS Laser Cutting, Assembly workshop, Packing & Storage facility.  

To achieve the above the company has its own Quality System focusing on quality control mainly production & implementation, monitoring of Quality System to the root-level, involving and training all employees, concentrating more on preventive actions and making continued efforts for continuous improvements.

Agreed specifications adhering strictly to the delivery schedule. The company since 2005 has trimmed itself to cater to the Retail Industry by being Versatile working with various metal forms:

As the Visual Merchandising and instore requirement for display grew higher we have advanced ourselves with short time notice jobs, custom oriented work according to specification of customers. Our Main chain of supply is to the Retail industry by supplying Props, Fixtures, CDU, In Store Branding, Photo Frames, product shoot display, Window display and other required material according to the VM requirement. Keeping in mind the time frame given by VM for display the company has fulfilled many requirements by supplying to different regions and number of stores pan India and the Middle East.






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Our Mission

We offer you services helping you to establish your market presence. We understand the importance of making a good impression and the value creativity can add in trans- forming your company’s corporate image into a powerful punch. Whether you are creating a new brand or promoting an existing one, A brand that is memorable will become relied upon and trusted, a brand that people return to time after time has to have an impact.

Our Vision

We seek to become a trusted partner of all our clients. We attempt to inspire them with our capabilities, providing an advanced environment that boosts their business performance. We will continue to offer cutting-edge solutions and the highest quality of business processes within the fastest turnaround times with utmost determination. With our persistence and unwavering focus, we continue to work dedicatedly to under- stand the needs of our customers with mutual respect and care, and act with utmost integrity in everything we undertake. Our goal is to provide you with the creative insight and commercial awareness you need to transform your business. We offer creative solutions to marketing needs and understand your business needs across a wide range of design & advertising solutions. We offer our clients the most effective angles to approach their marketing needs and effectively build their brand. We offer a truly octagonal marketing experience, from client service to the final product. One of our priorities is to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction and superior business results. It is our firm belief that our employees and suppliers hold critical roles in our quality mission. Therefore, we will retain and attract the best employees and choose suppliers with equal rigor in quality.




            No.                                       MACHINERY                                                        QUANTITY
Laser Cutting Machine 1 no
CNC Router Cutting Machine 1 no
Vinyl Plotter Cutting Machine 1 no
Hot & Cold Laminations Machine 1 no
Eco Solvent Printer (EPSON Surecolor) 1 no
Powder Coating 1 no
Horizontal Milling Bharath fritz werner 1 no
Vertical Milling machine HMT 1 no
Protech Center lather 1 no
Surface grinding 1 no
Center drilling 1″ capacity 2 nos
Buffing machine 1 no
Arc Welding machine 2 nos
Tig Welding machine 2 nos
Hand Press 3 nos
Power Press 2 nos
Sheet Metal Shearing Machine 2 nos

All tools and Accessories like Top, Drill, Dies,

Threading attachment, hand grinding machine. Etc.

Powder Coating unit

Inspection Facilities:

Digital Vernier Callipers 0-150 Digital
Digital Micrometers 0-25, 25-50



          No.                         MACHINERY (WOOD SECTION)                                      QUANTITY

Planing Machine wood master 1 no
jai Combi Max Planning surface and Thickness plaine 1 no
Jayalakshmi Spindle Machine for design 1 no
Jig saw machine 1 no
Drilling machine up-to 19mm capacity 1 no


                                                              STAFF EMPLOYED     No.
Staff strength total to 45 including Proprietor
Administration Staff 4 People
Accounts 2 People
Purchases 2 People
Production managers 3 People
      5. fabrication 9 People
      5. wood carpentry 12 People
      5. printing and assembly 6 People
      5. Painting 3 People
      5. Implementation 6 People
      5. Housekeeping 5 People
      5. Facility and Security 3 People